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I specialize in multi-dimensional coloring techniques. 

Which means utilizing techniques such as balayage and customized foil placement to

create lower maintenance and future-proof color .

Please read through the service descriptions below to see if one will fit your needs.

*if you don't see something that works for you please check-out my FAQ's page.


The Lived-In Balayage

Who is this for?

Either you want to create or maintain a dimensional, "Lived-In" and low maintenance balayage.

Seeking a soft and natural balayage aesthetic.

You still want see a fair amount of your natural color blended with your balayage.

Great for Blondes, Coppers and Brunettes.


Dimensional Brunette

Who is this for?

Brunettes seeking depth and dimension to create a rich and luxurious brunette aesthetic. 

This service utilizes techniques such as soft balayage and customized foil placement to contour and highlight your hair.

Please note you will still leave feeling like a brunette. If you are seeking a higher contrast bronde/ blonde see Lived-In Balayage.




All services include consultation, color application, conditioning bond-builder,

gloss/ toning, blow-dry and styling.

Can add a Haircut and/or Gray-Coverage/ Root Touch-Up to all 4 services listed above.

All prices are subject to change if additional

product or time is required to achieve desired look.

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