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Must be worn at all times. Must be secured by ear loops.

One will be provided if needed. 


Sadly, I will not be serving any food or beverage for the time being. Please ensure you eat before your appointment and refrain from eating, unless medically necessary, during our time together.

You may bring your own beverage, which can be enjoyed during non-contact processing times.


Please come to your appointment alone.


We will both immediately use hand sanitizer upon entry to my studio.

I will also have hand sanitizer available throughout the appointment.


I will be wearing a mask at all times. 


I have an Air Purifier with HEPA/ UV-C Light Technology and many live plants

in the studio to provide us with clean air.


I am doing all I can to keep you safe! That means taking the extra steps to be educated on

proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures. 

I am happy to announce that I am Barbicide Certified!

Barbicide in known worldwide as the leading EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant in salons.

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